SITEMAP: Jinan Diesel Engine,Diesel Generator,Diesel Generating Set,JDEC

2000 Diesel Generating Set

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),diesel generating set maker,2000 generator applied in drilling rigs,engineering machinery and power stations.

3000 B3000 Diesel Generating Set(700-1200KW)

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),diesel generating set maker,3000 B3000 generator (700-1200KW) is of power transmission control panel for lack-voltage,over-current,reverse power protection.

6000 Diesel Generating Set

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),diesel generating set maker,for 6000 generator applied in power plants,with control panel for monitoring parameters of water temperature,oil temperature.

Locomotive Diesel Engine

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),locomotive diesel engine supplier,engine of high-elastic couplers,applied in steel,petrochemical,coal and local railway industry.

High-voltage Generator

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),diesel generator supplier,makes high-voltage generator for power plant and large scale electrical equipment.

2000 Diesel Engine (390-900Kw)

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),diesel engine maker,2000 engine (390-900Kw) used in torque converter sets to drive drilling rigs,mud pumps,fire pumps.

4000 Long-stroke Diesel Engine

JDEC,long-stroke diesel engine maker,4000 diesel engine applied in oil drilling rigs,ships and generating sets,designed for machine and equipment with big load changes.

6000 Diesel Engine(1160~2400kw)

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),diesel engine maker,6000 engine (1160~2400kw) applied in oilfield,power station,locomotive and ships,structure of 4-stroke,direct injection combustion chamber.

2000 Dual-fuel Generating Set (400,700kw)

JDEC,China diesel generating set supplier,2000 dual-fuel diesel generating set is of pneumatic/electric starting mode with 10% transient-state frequency adjusting rate.

Oilfield Diesel Engine (UNIQUE)

JDEC,China unique oilfield diesel engine supplier,we offer large power of oilfield diesel engine,power of 390-900Kw,600~1200Kw,900~1360Kw,1000~1200Kw,1160~2400Kw.

Obverse Chassis Engine Coupler

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),China engine coupler supplier,our obverse chassis engine coupler is of reduced assistant power consumption,for oilfield and petroleum exploring field.

Reverse Chassis Engine Coupler

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),China reverse chassis engine coupler supplier,engine coupler of united water cooling system,increased span life of 40~60% for absorbing shock while working.

3412T Natural Gas Generator(1000kw)

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),China natural gas generator maker,3412T natural gas generator 1000kw is of 4-stroke,spark ignition,water-cooled, turbocharged,inlet air cooling,mechanical inter-mixed type.

135 Small Power Generator (24~200Kw)

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),China small power generator maker,135 small power generator 24~200Kw is of 3-phase four-line power supply,closed/semi open water cooling system.

Biogas Generator

Jinan diesel engine(JDEC),China biogas generator maker,biogas generator can be of 4 stroke,spark ignition,water-cooled,turbocharged,inter cooling,pre-combustion chamber mode.