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32/40 Gas Engine

The gas engine provides the power range of 3600-6400kW and rated revolution of 750rpm.

We are licensed for producing the 32/40 gas engine by MAN Diesel Company (Germany). The engine is manufactured to offer higher power and higher efficiency. With the power for a single cylinder being 400Kw, it runs steadily at the speed 750rpm. Due to accurate design and rigorous manufacturing process from Germany, the gas engine offers superior power performance, reliability and high cost performance which are of international advanced levels.

The 32/40 gas engines are key products for our implementation of high power product strategy and international cooperation projects.

The 32/40 gas engine is primarily applied to large gas power stations, normal power supply or standby power supply for enterprises, and large power equipment.

Technical Specifications

Type Four-stroke, water cooled, radial flow turbocharger, air intercooled, precombustion chamber, spark plug ignition
Number and arrangement of cylinders 12-cylinder, V type, 45°
Cylinder diameter × Stroke mm 320×400
Displacement of a single cylinder L 32.17
Compression ratio 11.5:1
Continuous power kW 4800
Continuous revolution r/min 750
Min. operating speed (steady-state) r/min 400
Under the operating condition of continuous power Heat rate kJW.h ≤8280 (MN≥80)
Specific oil consumption g/kW.h ≤0.35
Mean effective pressure MPa 20
Mean speed of piston m/s 10
Exhaust gas temperature (after the turbo) ℃ 670 640
Smoke intensity FSU ≤0.3
Noise dB(A) ≤108
Emission 500mgNOx/m³@5%O2
Type of fuel Fuel gas, marsh gas, coal bed gas
Min. fuel gas pressure kPa 5
Direction of rotation Clockwise or counterclockwise (face the power output end)
Cooling mode Forced cooling
Lubrication mode Pressure lubrication
Starting mode Air motor
Overall size (l×b×h) mm 6190×3140×4100
Gas generator set Rated power kW 4500
Rated frequency Hz 50
Rated voltage V As per different needs
Control panel Intelligent management modules for generator set
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