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History of JDEC:
JDEC was formerly named Huafeng Machinery Factory, which was founded in 1920. It began to manufacture diesel engines at the beginning of 30's and became one of the earliest domestic manufacturers on diesel engines.

In 1953, it was renamed Jinan Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.

Zhu De, a proletarian revolutionist, visited JDEC twice.

In 1964, JDEC evolved from agriculture departments to petroleum industries and then engaged in overhauling, researching and manufacturing oil prospecting power equipment.

Vice Premier Yu Qiuli, a founder of China petroleum industry, inspected JDEC.

State Councilor Kang Shi'en, one of China petroleum industry founders, visited JDEC.

In 1965, JDEC successfully produced 12V190-diesel engines, which thoroughly broke the vacancy of domestic petroleum drilling powers and became the leading product of this industry.

In 1982, JDEC developed the first high-power natural gas engine in China, which passed national authentication in 1988.

Since 1980s, JDEC products have been used by over 90% Chinese oil drilling teams.
In 1996, JDEC came into the market on Shenzhen Stock Exchange, for short as 'Petroleum Jichai' with a stock code 000617.