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408 Natural Gas Generator (400~500Kw)

408 Natural Gas Generator (400~500Kw)

408 Natural Gas Generator (400~500Kw)

Description of 408 Natural Gas Generator (CNG):

Engine model: 12V190ZDT-2, 12V190DT-2, 6190ZLT-2
Rated power(kW): 500, 400, 200
Rated frequency(Hz): 50
Starting mode: 24V DC starting
Weight(kg): 11800, 11300, 8690

Technical Parameters of Natural Gas Engine:
Model 12V190ZDT-2 12V190DT-2 6190ZLT-2
Code 127 408 206LCT
Type turbocharged, inlet air cooling natural aspiration turbocharged, inter cooling
4-stroke, spark ignition and water-cooled
Arrangement of cylinders V shape, 60° angle In-line
Number of cylinders 12 6
Diameter of cylinders 190 mm
Stroke 210 mm
Compression ratio 8:1 9:1 8:1
Rated rev 1000 r/min
Idle speed 700 r/min
Rated power 552 kW 450 kW 270 kW
Heat consumption ≤11386 kJ/kW·h
Oil consumption ≤1.63 g/kW·h
Temperature before entering turbine ≤650℃
Steady state speed governing rate 0-5% adjustable
Cooling mode Pressurized water cooling
Lubrication mode Pressure and spray lubrication
Starting mode Electric motor starting

Technical Specs and Performances of Natural Gas Generator Set:
Generating set model 500GF18-TK(TK1) 400GF-TK1 200GF-TK
Engine model 12V190ZDT-2 12V190DT-2 6190ZLT-2
Generator model 1FC5456-6TA42 1FC5454-6LA42 1FC5404-6TA42
Control panel type PL-500 PLT-400 PLT-200
Rated power(kW) 500 400 200
Rated voltage(V) 400/230
Rated frequency(Hz) 50
Rated power factor
( cosΦ)
Starting mode 24V DC starting
Overall dimensions L×B×H(mm) 4560×1790×2780 5120×2040×2320 4935×1760×2023
Weight(kg) 11800 11300 8690

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