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 JC15 400kw Generator Sets  JC15 400kw Generator Sets

JC15 400kw Generator Sets

1. The generator set uses a modularized, high pressure, common rail fuel injection system, with rail pressure of 1800bar.
2. The fuel oil undergoes 5μm fine filtration.
3. It uses electronic control unit (ECU) for integrated control.
4. The closed type breathing system is used for the separation of oil and gas generated by the crankcase. This helps achieve energy saving and emission reduction.
5. The generator set offers low oil consumption, and low emission which meets American TIER 2 and Euro Ⅲ standards.

The generator sets are extensively used for oil drilling rigs, special purpose vehicles, movable electric stations, reserve power supply, engineering machinery, heavy trucks, and in well sites. 

Technical Specifications

Type Four-stroke, water cooled, air-to-air intercooler, direct-injection type combustion chamber
Number and arrangement of cylinders 6-cylinder in-line
Cylinder diameter×Stroke mm 140×165
Displacement of a single cylinder L 32.17
Compression ratio 17:1
Rated power kW 427 457
Continuous revolution r/min 2100 1500
Min. operating speed (steady-state) r/min
Under the operating condition of continuous power Specific fuel consumption g/kW.h ≤212 ≤195
Specific oil consumption g/kW.h 0.35 0.3
Mean effective pressure MPa 1.6 2.4
Mean speed of piston m/s 11.6 8.3
Idle speed rpm 600
Smoke intensity FSU
Noise dB(A) 98
Emission Meet US EPA TIER2
Exhaust gas temperature (before the turbine) 670 640
Fuel system Common rail system
Type of fuel Light diesel oil
Direction of rotation Counterclockwise (face the flywheel end)
Cooling mode Forced cooling
Lubrication mode Pressure lubrication
Starting mode Electric or air
Net weight (without flywheel) kg 1500
Overall size (l×b×h) mm 1900×1000×1400
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