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9L 32/40 Diesel Engine

Our company is a licensed manufacturer of German MAN32/40 diesel engine. MAN Diesel is a world's leading designer and producer of medium- and low-speed diesel engines. And its MAN diesel engines cover nearly 50% of the power required all over the world.
The 32/40 diesel engines are divided into in-line type and V type, including in-line 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-cylinders and V type 14-, 16- and 18-cylinders. They offer two rotation speeds, namely, 720r/min and 750r/min, with power ranging from 3000 kW to 9000 kW.

1. The diesel engine provides high efficiency, high power density, precombustion chamber structure, spark plug ignition, and stable combustion performance.
2. The single point injection system responds quickly, which offers improved reliability of the air-fuel ratio control and homogeneous combustion in different cylinders.
3. Integrated SaCoSone control system comes with functions of engine control, alarm, detection and safety protection. It can offer remote control of the diesel engine.
4. The reliable diesel engine is very economical and has low emission.

The diesel engine is used in compressor drive, ocean platform drive, industrial power plants, ocean-going vessels, underground gas storage projects, and more.

Technical Specifications

Type Four-stroke, direct-injection type combustion chamber, water cooled, exhaust turbocharging, intake intercooled
Number and arrangement of cylinders 9-cylinder in-line
Cylinder diameter×Stroke mm 320×400
Displacement of a single cylinder L 32.17
Compression ratio 14.5:1
Continuous power kW 4500
Continuous revolution r/min 750 720
Min. operating speed (steady-state) r/min 250
Under the operating condition of continuous power Specific fuel consumption g/kW.h ≤181+5%
Specific oil consumption g/kW.h ≤0.5
Mean effective pressure MPa 2.49 2.59
Mean speed of piston m/s 10 9.6
Exhaust gas temperature (after the turbo) ℃ 354
Smoke intensity FSU ≤0.3
Noise dB(A) ≤108
Emission The diesel engines with different configuration meet IMO Tier Ⅰ or Tier Ⅱ standards.
Type of fuel MGO, MDO, HFO (700cst@50°) Optional
Direction of rotation Clockwise or counterclockwise (face the flywheel end)
Cooling mode Forced cooling
Lubrication mode Pressure lubrication
Starting mode Compressed air
Net weight (without flywheel) kg 51000
Overall size (l×b×h) mm 7530×2715×4490
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