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YBLT900 Hydraulic Torque ConverterYBLT900 Hydraulic Torque Converter

YBLT900 Hydraulic Torque Converter

The YBLT900 hydraulic torque converter is a kind of flexible drive mechanism which is mounted between a power machine (e.g. diesel engine and electric motor) and a working machine (e.g. winch, rotary table and drilling pump). Using mineral oil as the actuating medium, the torque converter transmits power from the power machine to the working machine.
The hydraulic torque converter with centrifugal turbine provides adjusting valve and Φ900mm working chamber. The torque converter coupled with the G12V190PZL (or CAT3512) diesel engine is used mainly for oil drilling rigs. It can also work with other models of diesel engines and electric motors as an automatic stepless speed variator, which has wide applications in excavating machines, lifting equipment, transport machinery, dredgers, and others.

1. The hydraulic torque converter has large torque ratio at zero speed and high transmission efficiency, improving the working efficiency of drilling machines.
2. The torque converter reduces or even eliminates impact on diesel engines and transmission components of drilling rigs, resulting in their extended lifetime.
3. In case of jamming of a drilling tool or overload, the diesel engine does not stall.
4. Even if the engine runs at full speed, the volume of oil charge can be changed so that the working devices (rotary table and drilling pump) run at low speed for a long period.
5. The hydraulic torque converter offers automatic regulation of the output speed and torque according to the changing external loads, so no breakoff of output power will occur.
6. When there is small or zero load borne by the working devices and the diesel engine operates at low speed, the torque converter automatically enables minimum-quantity or zero oil charge to reduce power loss.
7. The hydraulic torque converter has delicate structure, with reliable performance, long use life, and easy operation and maintenance.
8. With superior cooling effect, the working oil will not be overheated.
9. Clearance seal helps ensure there is no wear and tear.

Main Technical Parameters
Max. input power: 1000 kW
Max. input speed: 1500 r/min
Max. input torque: 6.5k Nm
Max. output torque: 38.0 kNm
Max. efficiency: 85±2%
Diameter of working chamber: 900 mm
Oil pressure: 0.3~0.47 MPa
Working oil: ≤110℃
Oil product: No. 6 or No. 8 (recommended for use when the ambient temperature is below -20℃)
Fueling charge of hydraulic drive oil: 260L
Net weight: 2100kg
Overall size (L×W×H): 1330×950×1073 mm

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