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Hydraulic Transmission Box for Beam Pumping Unit

Hydraulic Transmission Box for Beam Pumping Unit

The hydraulic transmission box is a new type hydraulic drive designed based on the characteristics of the working conditions of a beam pumping unit. It is used to replace the electric motor + belt pulley + reducer drive mode for the pumping unit. The hydraulic transmission box is suitable for the power configuration and reformation of models 37, 48, 53, 73, 83 beam pumping units.

The hydraulic transmission box uses a reducer driven by double-speed or three-speed electric motor. The reducer comes with power dividing and collecting structure. The hydraulic transmission box offers compact structure, easy operation and maintenance and completely eliminates belt transmission.

1. The hydraulic transmission box can reduce the peak voltage of electric motor. Under the same working conditions, it uses a lower-power motor, which is more energy efficient.
2. It improves the starting capability of electric motor, solving the problem of "light load driven by large power".
3. The hydraulic transmission box used for beam pumping unit is easy to operate and saves both time and cost for maintenance.
4. This product provides high level of safety, rooting out potential safety hazards of hand injury during belt replacing.
5. It is capable of 20,000-hour continuous, trouble-free running.
6. It offers excellent overload protection property.

Main Technical Parameters
Rated torque: 37-73kN.m
Rated speed of electric motor: 750-1500r/min
Frequency of stroke: 2.3 -12

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